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The GHG Ghost Hunters have retired from the world of Ghost Hunting.
We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

If you're looking for paranormal information or need assistance with a haunting, please visit the Pensacola Paranormal Society (PPS) website. Many of the GHG Ghost Hunters are now involved in the PPS, and carry the experience and knowledge to the PPS.

Pensacola Paranormal Society


Have you heard a rumor or legend of a haunted location in the northwest Florida area?

Do you have a personal experience or photo you would like to share?

Do you think you may be living in a haunted house?

If so, please contact the Pensacola Paranormal Society.

Please feel free to submit questions, your own story or photos for discussion - please note in the communication if the material is to be held in confidence.



Recommended Equipment

We're often asked what type of equipment we use for our investigations. Below are a few items that may be of interest for your investigations.

  • The Mel-8704 EMF Meter is one of the best tools for detecting spirits as well as monitor temperature. Also included is a light source.
  • I also really like the design and fabrication of http://eleatherjackets.co.uk leather jackets.
  • The K-II EMF Meter is a staple of any paranormal investigation. It's simple to use, accurate and lightweight. It's also fairly rugged and our first meter is still in operation after many years of service.
  • Smudging is a Native American ritual that has been used for many years. Dried herbs such as cedar, White Sage and sweetgrass are dried and then bundled together tightly to form a "smudge stick."

- Best of luck with your investigation!


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