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Whilst a difficult decision, April, Carol and I have found life and commitments keep our time limited and we are retiring GHG Ghost Hunters. We will sincerely miss working with the team members, friends and fellow investigators. We, a team of three grandmothers, began our quest in 1996 and the enlightenment in the paranormal possibilities has been a most amazing journey. May we take a moment to thank each of you for the support as well as all the experiences, discussions and friendships. We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the people that opened their homes and businesses allowing GHG Ghost Hunters to research and to those that have been willing to share their experiences. So many have touched our hearts and allowed us opportunities to examine the possibilities. The GHG web site will remain in place until August 2008. The Founders of the Pensacola Paranormal Society have graciously agreed to accept GHG current and future requests for information and investigations, those requests will be referred to our goods friends at PPS. The PPS team has valuable experience and insights; we look forward to participating with the PPS team from time to time. While one door for GHG Ghost Hunters may be closing, another opens for each of us and our quest continues…

With kindest personal regards and, The Ghost Hunting Grannies

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